Translation and localization enhance the user experience of products and services in emerging industries. Emerging industries often have the opportunity to tap into new and diverse markets worldwide. Translation and localization play crucial roles in marketing by helping businesses reach and engage with global audiences more effectively.

Here is a list of Translation and Localization Companies in USA:

Dialect LLC: Dialect LLC offers many language services, including translation and localization. They have a global presence and work with clients in various industries, providing customized language solutions to meet specific needs.


TransPerfect: TransPerfect is a well-established company with a strong reputation in the language services industry. They offer comprehensive translation and localization services, global marketing solutions, technology tools, and AI-powered language solutions.


SDL: SDL specializes in language translation, content management, and language technology solutions. They provide a range of services, including translation, localization, language technology, and global content management, catering to the needs of organizations across industries.


Moravia (A Lionbridge Company): Moravia, now a part of Lionbridge, focuses on providing high-quality translation and localization services with a specialization in the software, IT, and digital industries. They offer end-to-end language solutions to help businesses adapt and succeed in global markets.


Welocalize: Welocalize is known for its localization and global content solutions expertise. They offer translation and localization services, cultural consulting, and technology solutions to help businesses effectively communicate with multilingual audiences and expand globally.


GLOBO Language Solutions: GLOBO Language Solutions specializes in providing translation, interpretation, and localization services to various industries, including healthcare, legal, and government sectors. They offer various language solutions to bridge communication gaps across languages and cultures.


VIA: VIA is a language services company that provides translation, localization, interpretation, and multilingual desktop publishing services. They serve clients in diverse industries, including healthcare, legal, technology, and manufacturing, offering language solutions tailored to their needs.


MultiLing: MultiLing focuses on providing translation and intellectual property services, specializing in patent translation and support. They assist clients in protecting and managing their intellectual property rights globally through accurate and specialized language services. offers translation, localization, and global content management solutions. They provide various language services, including website translation, software localization, multimedia translation, and global marketing solutions.


Globalme: Globalme combines language and technology expertise to deliver translation, localization, and testing services. They specialize in emerging technologies such as AI, IoT, and speech recognition, helping businesses adapt their products and services for global markets.

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