Succeeding the complicated healthcare industry requires precise and accurate communication, especially in a diverse and multilingual nation like the United States. As healthcare providers strive to bridge language gaps and ensure that critical information reaches every patient, the role of healthcare translation companies becomes essential. 


Here’s a concise list of the top 20 healthcare translation companies in the USA, each playing a vital role in breaking down linguistic barriers and fostering effective communication in the healthcare sector.

Dialect LLC: 

Dialect LLC is a leading language services provider that offers specialized healthcare translation services. They have a team of professional linguists and subject matter experts to handle medical translations, including patient records, clinical trials, medical devices, and more.


Language Scientific:

Language Scientific specializes in scientific and technical translation services, making them a trusted choice for healthcare organizations. Their team of linguists and subject matter experts ensures the accuracy and compliance of translated medical content.



Lionbridge, a global leader in language services, offers comprehensive healthcare translation solutions. They bring linguistic expertise to the healthcare sector, ensuring that medical documents, patient information, and regulatory materials are accurately translated.



TransPerfect is a well-established healthcare translation company that provides end-to-end language solutions. Their healthcare translation services encompass medical documentation, clinical trials, and patient communications.



Welocalize brings a wealth of experience in localization and translation to the healthcare sector. Their tailored language solutions aid healthcare providers in effectively communicating with diverse patient populations.


Global Language Solutions (GLS):

GLS specializes in healthcare translation services, offering linguistic solutions that meet the industry’s stringent standards. Their services include translating medical records, patient education materials, and pharmaceutical documentation.


CSOFT Health Sciences:

CSOFT Health Sciences is dedicated to providing translation services specifically for the life sciences and healthcare industries. Their team of experts ensures the accurate and compliant translation of medical content.


Morningside Translations:

Morningside Translations is recognized for its comprehensive healthcare translation services, covering various medical fields. Their commitment to precision and confidentiality makes them a preferred choice in the healthcare sector.


CETRA Language Solutions:

CETRA specializes in healthcare translation and interpretation services, offering linguistic support for healthcare providers, pharmaceutical companies, and medical researchers. Their expertise spans medical documents, patient communications, and regulatory content.



ProTranslating is a prominent language service provider dedicated to healthcare translation. Their team of specialized linguists ensures accurate and culturally sensitive translations in the healthcare domain.


GLOBO Language Solutions:

GLOBO Language Solutions extends its language services to the healthcare sector, providing translation and interpretation services. Their focus on bridging communication gaps in healthcare settings makes them a valuable partner for medical institutions.


LanguageLine Solutions:

LanguageLine Solutions offers healthcare translation and interpretation services to facilitate communication between healthcare professionals and patients with limited English proficiency. Their on-demand interpretation services cater to real-time healthcare communication.


Welch Allyn Language Services:

Welch Allyn Language Services, a part of Hillrom, specializes in healthcare translation and localization. Their focus on medical devices and healthcare technology translation sets them apart in the industry.


iTi | International Translating Company:

iTi provides healthcare translation services with a commitment to accuracy and compliance. Their expertise covers a wide range of healthcare documentation, ensuring that medical information is effectively communicated.


ALTA Language Services:

ALTA Language Services is recognized for its comprehensive language solutions in the healthcare sector. Their team of language experts ensures accurate and culturally appropriate healthcare translations.


Day Translations:

Day Translations offers healthcare translation services with a global reach. Their commitment to linguistic accuracy and cultural sensitivity makes them a valuable partner for healthcare organizations.


Access 2 Interpreters:

Access 2 Interpreters specializes in healthcare interpretation services, ensuring that healthcare professionals can communicate effectively with patients from diverse linguistic backgrounds.



Acclaro brings its expertise in translation and localization to the healthcare industry. Their tailored language solutions support healthcare providers in delivering clear and accurate information to patients.


Language Connect:

Language Connect provides healthcare translation services that cover a spectrum of medical content. Their focus on precision and efficiency makes them a trusted partner for healthcare communication. is a healthcare translation company known for its specialized linguistic services. Their team of experts ensures that medical content is translated precisely, maintaining compliance with industry standards.

In healthcare, where clear communication is a matter of health and well-being, these top 20 healthcare translation companies in the USA stand as support pillars. Their commitment to linguistic accuracy, cultural sensitivity, and compliance ensures that healthcare information transcends language barriers, reaching every patient with clarity and precision.

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